Dixie D’Amelio: biography, how old, photos

Dixie D’Amelio is a famous American blogger on Tic Toc. The girl became very popular due to her looks and talents: dancing beautifully, moving her lips synchronously to modern songs, creating funny and interesting videos.


  • Age, where she was born and lives. Dixie was born August 12, 2001 (age 21) in Norwalk, USA, where she now lives. Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Nationality. American.
  • Weight and height. The weight of the girl is 60 kg. and height is 170 cm.
  • Appearance. Brunette with brown eyes. Her figure can be described in two words: athletic and attractive. Dixie wears size 37 shoes. No tattoos. The girl is wildly popular with guys, because the query “Dixie plums” is in 2nd place (after her first and last name – “Dixie Damelio”).
  • Family. Dixie has a little sister named Charlie. Dixie is 2 years 7 months and 20 days older than her. Charlie has achieved world fame in Tic Tacs in a very short period of time. Their parents’ names are Mark (businessman) and Heidi (photographer). The family is described as very fun and friendly, where everyone supports each other.
  • Academics and hobbies. Dixie attended Stanford High School with her sister. In her free time, she creates roller skates for TickTock and plays sports. She is also known to have attended the field hockey (field hockey) section and even participated in the 2012 Olympics, playing for her team.
  • Notoriety. It all started on August 6, 2015, when Dixie published her first Instagram post. Her first followers appeared. With each new photo of her, their number quickly increased. A year later, 400 thousand users were subscribed to the girl’s Instagram. Then Dixie decided to make herself known on Tic Toc. It was the right decision, because in March 2020, her audience there – 15 million. After Dixie, her whole family came to Tic Toc. Her sister Charlie even managed to gain 36 million subscribers, in less than a year. Such is the amazing success story of a talented and attractive dancer on a youth app.
  • Personal life. Dixie is dating a young man named Matt Garavel. They met back in high school. The guy is quite a secretive person and does not give any information about himself. His Instagram is closed off from prying eyes.
  • Income. Diski’s main source of income is Tik-Tok, where each advertising post is valued at $2-3 thousand. The total profit of Tik-Tok is about $500 thousand. She also earns well in other social networks.
  • Now. In March 2020, Dixie is vacationing at sea with her sister and friends. This is evidenced by Bryant’s Instagram photos of her.

Background Facts.

In January 2020, Dixie and Charlie signed a contract with the United Talent Agency. This organization helps them find new ideas for content so the girls can become even more visible.
The sisters were also members of Tik-Tok’s talent group, The Hype House, until mid-May 2020. The community is headquartered in Los Angeles. In March 2020, the number of band members equals 21.

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