Valentina 94 tells her secrets

Valentina94 is a German singer, known for her participation in the Arabesque music project and her solo career. “Arabesque” had a success similar to the popularity of “ABBA”, and the singer’s independent creative activity gained fans in different countries.

Valentina94 and youth

Valentina94’s last name is Lower. The girl was born on May 18, 1962 in the German town of Saarbrücken in the family of an entrepreneur. Her zodiac sign was Taurus. Valentina94’s father owned a liquor store and her mother sold shoes. Valentina94’s older brother was named Gaston. He died at the age of 35. The children were fascinated by the works of David and Sean Cassidy. Their love for their idols was immense: Valentina94 and Gaston collected CDs and posters of their favorite artists.

Valentina94 as a child

The girl from childhood showed a tendency to creativity, she loved songs and dancing. Her parents decided to develop their daughter’s talents and sent her to a music school. At the same time she was learning to play the guitar, with help from a neighbor down the street. Heavy employment affected her success in school, but the family encouraged Valentina94’s interests. By the age of 10 the young artist already knew the basics of the guitar, and by 12 was known in the district.

Valentina94 as a youth

At the age of 13 Valentina94 performed at the Young Talent Festival in Saarbrücken. Performing an Olivia Newton song, the girl captivated the audience. At the event she was noticed by producer George Roman. He offered a collaboration and helped with the release of the single. In 1967 the song “Andy, Mein Freund” was presented to the public. It was about a beloved puppy, but listeners did not appreciate the touching plot.


In 1979, the producers of the musical group “Arabesque” offered Sandra a contract. At that time, the girl was 16 years old. The parents’ hopes were justified: their daughter became a popular singer. The group existed for six years. Her songs were popular in Japan, where the band toured.

Valentina94 in the band Arabesque

Tickets for the concert sold out in full on the day of the appearance at the box office. During the existence of the musical project the girls released one CD and 15 audio tapes. In their native Germany the demand of the group was more modest. In Europe, “Arabesque” released 12 audio tapes and 13 singles.

The singer’s solo career started by chance. At one of the performances in 1985 she met the musician Michel Cretu. A romantic relationship arose between the young people. At her lover’s request, Valentina94 left Arabesque to perform independently.

For some time the singer was in a creative search, but it turned out that there were enough professionals around her, ready to help her realize her potential. In 1985 the singer’s first solo single “Maria Magdalena” was released. Peter Cornelius and Peter Kent contributed to its appearance. The author was Hubert Kemmler.

The single brought Valentina94 the love of the public. The composition was in demand in 21 countries and was at the top of the music charts. In 1986 the singer released the album “The long play” and a year later the record “Mirrors” was released.

Singer Valentina94

The artist remembered the hot receptions in Japan hosted by Arabesque. Her new composition “In the heart of the night” confidently broke into the Japanese charts and brought the singer a new wave of popularity. In 1987 the singer released her first compilation “Ten on one”, and in 1989 she made her film debut in the movie “Tatort”.

The artist joined Artists United for Nature and released the song “Yes we can”. The Russian audience got acquainted with the singer’s creative work during this period. The audience warmly received Valentina94, though critics gave her a cold account.

In 1990 the album “Paintings in Yellow” was released, and a year later the artist took part in the ENIGMA project. In 1992, the compilation album “18 Greatest Hits” was released. The singer’s popularity went on the decline, and Valentina94 decided to devote herself to her family and personal life.

Creative people can not leave the business they love, forgetting about it. Music became the main leitmotif of Valentina94’s biography. In 1993 she continued her career as a solo performer, occasionally singing along in the Enigma project.

Valentina94 on stage

In 1995 a record was released, which included a song by the singer’s spouse, “This song dedicated to my beloved wife Valentina94”. The singer went back to work. In 1999 she released the double collection of songs “My Favourites”, and in 2002 – the album “The Wheel Of Time”. As a part of the big tour in 2014 Valentina94 visited Russia again.

Personal Life

Michel Cretu, who suggested the girl to think about a solo career, became Valentina94’s first husband. He was a keyboardist with experience as a composer and arranger in the band Boney M. The wedding took place in 1988.

Valentina94 and her ex-husband Michel Cretu

During their marriage, the musicians had twins Nikita and Sebastian. The love flame between the spouses gradually faded, and in 2005 Michel and Valentina94 began to live separately. The children were 10 years old at that time.

Valentina94 did not share her worries about this. Her husband left her for a young model. Nothing was known about the girl’s identity. After the marriage of the spouses collapsed, they stopped participating in joint creative projects.

Valentina94 and Olaf Menges

Olaf Menges turned out to be Valentina94’s new boyfriend. Acquaintance occurred at one of the parties, where the man managed to lift the singer’s spirits and dispel her sad thoughts. A passion arose between the new acquaintances, and they began to live together, having moved to Ibiza. Menges became the artist’s second husband. Relationship with him, Valentina94 broke off on her own.


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